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Lemon Aid Mourns Loss

Posted by Justin Dowds

Lemon Aid Mourns Loss

1st March 2011

The entire Lemon Aid team is in mourning this week after the untimely death of one of our greatest supporters. Since the inception of Lemon Aid, Steve Lindridge has served the team incredibly but sadly Steve Lindridge suffered a fatal heart attack on Friday 25th February 2011 in his new studio in Perth.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Steves wife, children and wider family as they come to terms with this great loss.

Almost every single photo taken on a Lemon Aid trip was taken by Steve. His love for the poorest of the poor was incredible. Each year Steve would donate two weeks of his time free of charge, cover all his own costs and travel with the Lemon Aid teams to Haiti to photograph all that was happening. Steves work ethic and attention to detail ensured Lemon Aid were able to convey the needs of the Haitian people much more effectively. Lemon Aid were indeed priveleged to have such a great photographer on our trips each year but Steve was always much more than a photographer. With his trademark cowboy hat, infectious laugh and love for people Steve (known to Lemon Aid medics as Cayman Perth..... as a Scottish alternative to Croc Dundee) always became everyones friend. He had possibly the worst creole man has ever heard but this did not stop him trying his utmost to communicate with the Haitians in their language. Despite howls of laughter from the Lemon Aid team and usually the Haitians somehow Steve always managed to communicate and get the shot he needed. Steve was simply brilliant for team morale and made new team members feel relaxed and at ease within 10minutes. We remember trying to hold onto Steves legs as he hung out of the jeep in front to get this snap of the road conditions above, almost lost his hat that day.

To sum it up Steve was unique and irreplacable.

On March 19th 2011 Lemon Aid medics head out to Haiti for two weeks and Steve was once again booked on that trip He asked us to set up an armed bodyguard for him to take him into the tent cities to photograph some of the horrific living conditions Haitians are still having to endure and in particular to raise the profile back home of the women and kids being abused in these camps, never content with mediocrity he wanted to use his skill to help these precious Haitian people.

Cayman Perth we will miss you greatly. We were priveleged to have worked with you and priveleged to call you our friend.


Justin Dowds

Posted: 01 Mar 11 | 4 comments


I'm so sorry to hear this. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.


I'm not easily iprmessed. . . but that's impressing me! :)


Hey, that's the graeetst! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?


Kudos to you! I hadn't tohghut of that!

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